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Olympia fulcrum Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania trusts on Airnergy

Thursday 2nd January 2014

olympia_03_28ab8c163a4f263655ebAs the first German Olympia fulcrum the OPS MV now confirmed Airnergy as official supplier. This is the result of intensive preparations – encouraged through the long-standing Airnergy-representative Peter Roll, realised in cooperation with Detlev Nuelken (vicarious leader of the OPS) and the athletes of the fulcrum.

For the bionic-business from Hennef/North Rhine Westphalia this is a further milestone of its work for and with athletes. Professor Klaus Jung, leader of the department for sports medicine at the Guntenberg-University in Mainz for 25 years and today leader of the extern scientific advisory council at Airnergy sets the base for the contemporary acknowledgement in the international top sports with his medical works of sport.

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