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Spirovital & Macular

Many age-related macular degeneration clients using Spirovital Therapy report that:

  • the eyesight improves and …
  • grey mist can disappear after daily sessions within a few weeks
  • examples of users whose eyesight increased form 10% to over 60% are nothing unusual
  • results are confirmed by eye specialists.

Additional benefits include improved physical and mental vitality, more energy, better sleep and stronger immune system. Also an increased physical and mental well-being.

Watch our film! 

Dr. Chris Steele explains the features and benefits of Spirovital Therapy on UK ITV’s This Morning show. Comments follow from patients (including macular degeneration) and doctors using the Therapy.


Why does eyesight deteriorate?

The special cells of the eye use the most oxygen for energy production.

Deteriorating eyesight has two main causes:

1.   The oxygen utilisation and thus the energy production of the eye cells decline as we age.  Thus repair and protection mechanisms deteriorate.

2.   Increasingly formed free radicals damage and destroy the small and sensitive blood vessels and the cells of the eye.


How can Spirovital Therapy help?

  • An improved energy production within all cells.
  • Reduction of destructive free radicals and the damage caused by them because the cells increasingly produce their own protective enzymes.
  • Thus facilitating many repair and regeneration processes, even at the age of 85.

Additionally, a healthy way of life, special dietary supplements, good diet, adequate water intake and exercise support this process.

Spirovital therapy can be combined with any other therapy. Twice daily treatments of 20 minutes are recommended.  Because no extra oxygen or foreign substances are supplied to the body overdosing is impossible and side effects are non-existent.



Wendy had to give up driving due to age related macular degeneration. A year after starting with Spirovital Therapy she writes…

“My eyes were checked by the hospital. Acuity reading was 6/9 which is well within driving standards and amazingly better than a year ago.  I have bought a replacement car.

I now read one line better than the driving standard on the Snellen chart.  When tested by the London Eye Hospital a year ago, I was three lines below the driving standard .”

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