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Spirovital & COPD

Spirovital Therapy is a portable, compact machine for use in the home that creates ‘energised air’ that feeds every cell in your body with oxygen that it can absorb and use more efficiently.

Using Spirovital Therapy – the new oxygen energy therapy – benefits to COPD and other lung condition sufferers include:

  • Breathe easier, cough less
  • Exercise capacity increased (walk further / climb stairs)
  • Improvement in sleep
  • Improvement in peak flow / lung function
  • Normalisation of blood pressure
  • Boosting of immune system (faster recuperation from colds & flu)

What do our patients say?

Dr. R. Simmons (NHS) – “As a long-term sufferer of COPD, and after a winter of several chest infections / bronchopneumonia, my wife was getting fed up with me using her asthma inhalers. Therefore, I researched and discovered SPIROVITAL THERAPY.

Within days of starting my breathing has improved enormously. Hills which I used to avoid when dog walking are now climbed, and the hill that I used to walk up on our cycle ride is not only pedalled, but I can unusually now beat my wife.

For me this has been a life changing experience, and I look forward to seeing how I manage next winter. You have my complete recommendation.”  More Reviews

Extensive research and studies have been carried out to prove the effectiveness of Spirovital Therapy – some are detailed on this site.

Watch our film!

Dr. Chris Steele explains the features and benefits of Spirovital Therapy on UK ITV’s This Morning Show.  Comments follow from patients and doctors using the Therapy.




COPD stands for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and describes a symptom where the bronchioles become constricted. Serious results are a shortage of breath and a chronic increase of phlegm production. Because the bronchioles are constricted too much air stays in the lungs. Therefore COPD patients cannot inhale enough fresh air and thus suffer from laboured breathing and a decrease of resilience. Less physical activity leads to muscle atrophy, and the cardiovascular system becomes affected. Unfortunately, at this time chronic diseases cannot be cured. But it is possible to bring relief with the help of increasing the utilisation of oxygen in the body cells.

The effect of Spirovital Therapy on COPD & other Lung Conditions

Spirovital Therapy treats the true causes of the diseases and makes sure that the lung cells produce more energy again and improve their capability. The therapy improves the “external respiration”, i.e. the transport of oxygen from the air into the blood. In contrast to traditional inhalation therapies with concentrated oxygen, Spirovitalisation also improves “internal respiration” i.e. the transport of oxygen from the blood into the body’s cells. This improvement means that more oxygen can be transformed into metabolic energy in the mitochondria of the body’s cells.

Additional energy supplied to the lung cells can be used by the weakened cells to recover and to regenerate. Furthermore, the lung cells are protected from new strains e.g. free radicals.

For patients with decreased oxygen content in the blood (SpO2) an increase of oxygen in the blood can be measured and experienced after a few Spirovital treatments. Often a feeling of relief and increased vitality are also reported. Spirovital Therapy gives these patients the confidence that their lungs and their complete body are able to repair and to regenerate – even in great age!

Many reports patients show that even with chronic lung disease Spirovital Therapy can significantly improve the quality of life.