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About Spirovital

The importance of oxygen for the human body

Oxygen is vital for the maintenance of all metabolic processes in every cell of the human body. However, the body’s ability to use the oxygen diminishes with increasing age, through stress, illness and environmental toxins. Therefore, the body requires energy in order to improve its performance and therefore its healing and regeneration processes again.  Spirovital Therapy helps the body to increase its use of oxygen in a natural way.

What happens during Spirovital Therapy?

Within the Spirovital Therapy device the air’s oxygen is continually returned it its high energy state (singlet oxygen). (A physiologically active from of the oxygen that the body is familiar with).  This enables a patent-protected process to take place which is similar to the natural processes of photosynthesis. Just like in the sunlight, in the presence of specific sensitizers (similar to chlorophyll) atmospheric oxygen is briefly activated. The short-lived singlet oxygen returns in a fraction of a millisecond to its basis state and energy photons are emitted. The energy photos are inhaled via a nasal cannula, absorbed via the lungs where they have an immediate effect on the cells.

What processes in the human body are triggered by Spirovital therapy?

Unlike conventional oxygen therapies, the human body is neither flooded with more oxygen, nor ionized oxygen or ozone. Instead, the sufficient oxygen in the ambient air is processed so that it can be better utilised by the body thus improving the body‘s own healing powers:

  • An increased release of oxygen from blood to tissue
  • Increased oxygen utilisation in the mitochondria with increased ATP production, i.e. increased energy production within the cells.
  • Also increased elimination of (harmful) oxygen radicals or free radicals and thus stabilising a healthy oxidative balance in the body.
  • Provision of reduction equivalents (enhancing the immune system, harmonisation of the basal tissue, strengthening the detoxification function of the liver, increased release of the happiness hormone serotonin).

How can the effect of Spirovital Therapy on the individual user be evidenced?

The potential of the therapy was first studied in laboratories and clinically in healthy test subjects and athletes, prior to any administration of the therapy to patients.

Specific effectiveness in individuals uses the measurement of heart rate variability (HRV). The recorded data indicate the condition of the autonomic nervous system (ANS), which connects all cells, tissues and organs of a person. Thus the ANS has direct influence on the body‘s ability to regulate and thus to health and/or illness.

In addition to the recorded and statistical data, specific observations and personal experiences of Airnergy users and therapists are principle reference.

  1. Measurement of heart rate variability (HRV)
    The use of an Inhalation device (Spirovitalisation), results in increased responsiveness and variability of the heart rate. Even after a single Spirovital application a positive change can be seen in the HRV analysis in relation to the initial situation of the individual person. The change refers to the optimisation of function and regulation of the body.
  2. Therapeutic observation
    Exemplary statements of therapists
    “… quality of life can be improved significantly in most patients …”
    “… response of the patients [is] highly satisfactory …”;
    “ … the symptoms are very often significantly alleviated …”.
  3. Subjective perception
    Exemplary testimonials of individual users:
    “…I am still amazed at how quickly I felt unexpected results …”;
    “… it was a blessing. My husband was bestowed precious months without pain and improved quality of life …”.

For which diseases and disorders has Spirovital therapy proven itself?

  • Users and therapists report success notably in the following areas:
  • Organic diseases:
  • cardiovascular diseases, circulatory disorders
  • lung diseases such as COPD and emphysema
  • chronic and degenerative diseases
  • metabolic diseases and immune system
  • nervous system and autoimmune diseases
  • pre- and postoperative symptoms

Functional disturbances of:

  • physical performance and recovery
  • sleep disorders and fatigue, lack of concentration
  • lack of motivation, depression and burnout
  • impairment of sensory functions
  • Aging processes

So far, no side effects of Spirovital therapy are known. Furthermore, these are also unlikely to appear since the human body is only supplied with natural energy (and no foreign substances). Temporary initial worsening in response to the commencement of treatment indicate the intended stimulation of the body‘s endogenous self-healing powers, and which may also occur with other natural remedies.