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Top Athletes And Airnergy

There is good reason why top athletes now integrate the new energy source into their training and competition programme.

The athletes report that, with the help of AIRNERGY, they remain healthy and can perform well even during hard training phases. They also say that their bodies regenerate faster after stress. The organism handles training stimuli better, so that it is possible to train even harder without lapsing into overtraining phases.

Jenson Button – Champion Formula One Racing Driver

“I use the airnergy system on a regular basis over a race weekend. It’s used before all practice sessions, qualifyings and races in order to facilitate my performance. I feel it’s an essential part of my race preparation this year and take it with me all over the world. I also use it following tough training sessions to aid recovery and aid my next day performance.”

Ottmar Hitzfeld – Football trainer

“My wife and I would no longer want to do without the Airnergy method because of our many positive experiences: sleep disorders have improved significantly, motivation and concentration have increased. General well-being allows you to relax quicker. Fitness has improved considerably.”

Heinrich Popow – London 2012 Paralympics Gold Medallist

“Heinrich is a great sportsman – and he is still like a little brother to me,” says the Airnergy founder Guido Bierther. The relationship between the two started at the Paralympics in 2004 with a witty remark made by Popow: Airnergy had offered every German participant in the summer Paralympics a reward for winning a gold medal: one of the Airnergy Professional Plus devices much coveted by competitive sportsmen and women…

Joey Kelly – extreme athlete

“I use Airnergy regularly to prepare myself for my extreme sport projects. It is important for me to be absolutely fit, to recuperate quickly between the sports and to be able to motivate myself to new high levels of performance. Airnergy has helped me a lot in this respect.”

Dieter Trzolek – head physiotherapist of Bayer Leverkusen Football Club

“Many players simply feel better after this therapy and have bought their own device and are very happy with it. They are bursting with energy and vitality. This strengthens the immune system. Another benefit is a strengthening in the mental area. Evidence of how well Airnergy works can be seen in our players who have been virtually free of colds in the past few months.”