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Eye Conditions

C. Mapleston-Stroud

As mentioned, when I last spoke to yourselves, here is the progress with my AMD since using your machine, twice daily, and taking two supplements (MacuGuard Ocular Support with Saffron and Retinex) daily.

As listed by optician:

Macular Pigment Density (using MPS II)

Right            Left

22/05/17          0.62             0.58

29/09/17          0.77             0.72

02/02/18         0.82             0.72

How brilliant is that! Thank you.

Kind regards

R. Butler

Last year my husbands eyesight started to deteriorate rather rapidly.  Having always been a keen driver and still hoping to drive many miles yearly it came very much as a shock.  An eye test diagnosed Macular Degeneration with moisture behind one eye and he was referred to the Eye Hospital.

The outcome was not looking good.

Fortunately  having seen and been recommended an Professional Plus machine in our local clinic we were extremely keen to take all the literature about it home with us to learn more.  After reading all the testimonials with very positive results  it did not take us long to decide that this machine must well be worth investing in.

On contacting the company our new machine was promptly delivered the following morning.

From that day onwards my husband has used the machine twice daily without fail and five months on his eyesight has improved enormously.  The moisture at the back of the eye has completely cleared and he has been discharged from the Eye Hospital.

I use the machine once daily for general well-being and would highly recommend it to anyone.

Y. Langrell

Dear Airnergy AG, I have macular degeneration and your machine has made a difference to my eyes. There is only one affected but it has halted the advance of it, the mist has cleared quite a lot and on good days it clears altogether. The Specialist at the hospital says it has not advanced at all and I am sleeping better with the use of your machine. Thank You.

E. Green

A year or so ago I was diagnosed with early Dry AMD. I am 73 years old, and the outcome didn’t sound too good, it would probably deteriorate further and stronger visual aids would be required. I am a very active, healthy person who loves driving and the thought of not living life to the full was very daunting.

Then I saw an advert for the Spirovital machines. On reading some of the testimonials, and seeing the ones on the DVD enclosed with my literature, prior to purchasing the machine, I felt sufficiently convinced to invest in one of my own.

I used it religiously for many months and on a return visit to my local Eye Hospital, was told there was a huge improvement and I was discharged. I told the Specialist what I was using and he was most enthusiastic that I continue using it. “If it works, keep on using it.”

A few months ago I was away for several weeks and couldn’t take my machine with me. Forgot to resume on my immediate return home, and found the symptoms returning. Having used it regularly again for many weeks, my symptoms have diminished.

I am not due to return to the Eye Hospital unless I find my condition has deteriorated, but thanks to Spirovital, the situation is well under control and I did not need any change in prescription when I had a recent eye test.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I would recommend this machine for all the benefits it provides, from eye problems to respiratory and many more. Just a feeling of well-being is something we don’t achieve easily. Spirovital will do that for you.

M. Evans

Two years ago I was diagnosed having Macular Degeneration in both eyes, the right being the worse. Being a keen bowler and enjoyed driving this was devastating news thinking I would be unable to pursue these activities.
I saw a TV program showing information on Spirovital products that interested me so I sent to the company for further information. I looked at all the interesting literature I received and decided to invest in one.
I purchased my Professional Plus and started using it twice a day 20 min sessions. In May of this year I met with the eye consultant. After his examination he told me that no worsening of my problem was evident and he would see me in 4 months’ time. The misting in my vision is becoming noticeably clearer and at my last appointment with the eye specialist no deterioration has taken place.
My next appointment is now for SIX months’ time.
At present I use my machine every other day at 40 min sessions while relaxing and watching TV.
I primarily purchased the PROFESSIONAL PLUS solely for my problem of Macular Degeneration, but the extra benefits I am very pleased with are the wellbeing feeling, extra vitality and deep restful sleep.
I am truly pleased that I purchased my PROFESSIONAL PLUS.

M. Rees

Having suffered from macular degeneration for about seven years, I frequently check to see if there are any new developments in treatment. (I already have monthly eye injections at my local hospital, so am really well looked after).
I came across a video on line of Dr. Chris Steele extolling the virtues of Spirovital Therapy from Airnergy. I had been told by my surgeon that a low oxygen level is detrimental to the eyes, and that mine was, indeed, low.
“This is for me”, I said, and got on the phone to order the product. It arrived quickly, and I have been using it for seven months. Results:- I can now walk freely about my bungalow without stopping for a rest every few minutes. My GP informed me that my oxygen level is normal. My macular degeneration is “stable”, so I am well pleased to have ‘killed two birds with one stone’ through use of this excellent therapy.

A. Newman

BEFORE: February
My wife and I both have what appears to be ME, a legacy from a virus we caught 3 years ago. My wife also has emphysema and macular degeneration, of which I am also showing signs, and we are both nearly 80. This is clutching-at-straws time, and I wish to purchase a Spirovital unit. Obviously we cannot expect a guarantee of spectacular results, but we’re hopeful.

NOW: May
There have been several noticeable improvements to our general wellbeing since we started using the machine each day. My wife’s breathing showed quite a marked change almost immediately, although it has not progressed any further. However, there has been a definite, if slow, improvement in her eyesight, to the extent that she can now write in straight lines without any gaps in them. She has the form of macular degeneration for which there is no treatment.
My own breathing has become noticeably better. Posting a letter in the nearest box used to involve at least three stops, and I can now do the walk without having to stop at all. Also, the permanent tiredness produced by the ME is not as troublesome. All this is very encouraging, and we hope for further improvement as time goes on.

K. Ashworth

My problem with Macular Degeneration started in both eyes, particularly severe in the right eye. I acquired a Professional Plus device which I now use daily in combination with appropriate vitamins, foods etc. solely to combat Macular Degeneration.
An unexpected but welcome benefit has been a feeling of increased energy and well-being at the age of 75. A 30 minute walk each day is followed by a session on an exercise cycle or treadmill (sometimes both).
Reverting to the eye problem, I have recently been examined by my consultant who tells me that my vision is at 80% and is unchanged from the previous examination. This is a good result in connection with this difficult condition regarded by the medical profession as untreatable. I feel fairly confident that with longer term use of the device further progress can be anticipated.

Mr Wurth

Macula degeneration had left Mr Wurth with only ten percent vision in both eyes and he could barely see at all by the time an ophthalmologist began treating him with Spirovital Therapy.

“After ten treatments the first test was done and it showed an improvement of almost 40 percent in the left eye. But vision in the right eye remained at about 10 percent.
Since December of last year I’ve had the machine myself. And since then I use it at least four times a week. My vision has continued to improve, especially the left eye, which is now at almost 60 percent. And when we did the last test we found for the first time that vision in the right eye had also improved from ten to about 15 percent.”

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