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Spirovital Products

Professional Plus

The highest intensity Professional Plus is the recommended therapy device for use with chronic illnesses such as lung conditions, cardiovascular disorders, macular degeneration, diabetes and Parkinsons.  We also advise it for use in older people who wish to accelerate the cellular repair process and maximise the device’s anti-aging benefits.


The middle of the range Professional Plus with 3 activation units.

Basis Plus

The Basis Plus device is ideally suited for preventive healthcare in younger and healthy people or for improving sporting performance. Recommended application time: 40 minutes per day


The new AvantGarde design edition combines the well-tried quality of the energy source Professional Plus with classic and fine aesthetics.


Perfect when travelling, the battery operated TravelPlus is equipped with 4 activation chambers for the highest intensity of therapy.

Airnergy Stream

The AIRNERGY+ Stream is based upon the same technology as the Spirovital inhalation unit.


COVID-19 Update

We are open for business as normal with next working day delivery.