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Lung Conditions

Jim & Christine

Christine has had lung problems since the age of 6 yrs… as a result of the sudden death of her mother.  She was then taken in by her grandmother who raised her along with her own children who were approximately the same age as she. This resulted in double pneumonia, which  erupted whenever she got a bad cold.

In an effort to improve our health we emigrated to the west coast of Canada  (very clean air and a quieter lifestyle)  and eventually became citizens.

We reluctantly returned to UK (Bolton) four years ago  to look after very sick relatives and became very keen to try to keep well away from any risks re her lungs.

We became aware of this device and were impressed that it is used so widely both here and on the continent and ”took the plunge”.

Having used the device for 4 weeks the results have been nothing short of a minor miracle. She no longer gets short of breath when walking back from attending to the last surviving sick relative and her general health seems so much better.

In my case, my respiration has improved so that a 40 minute walk most mornings does not tire me as it used to.   I am sleeping much better and apparently do not now snore!!

The equipment isn’t cheap by any means but what matters the cost when the results are considerably improved health and well being.

I hope and trust that this little essay assists in others being included as users of the device.

Keep up the good work.

Jim and Christine

Sue J.

My husband 77 and I have used Spirovital Airnergy daily for 3 years. 5 weeks ago we got covid19 and on day 8 my husband’s o2 levels dropped to 91 sats. I got him to use Airnergy 3 times a day for the 3 dangerous days and was delighted to monitor his sats returning to 96. I’m a front line physio and believe this helped prevent him getting into respiratory distress. I thought you might like this feedback

Mrs Every (Asthma Testimonial)

I have been a chronic asthmatic since 18 months old. A great deal of my childhood was spent in hospital suffering from severe bronchitis and pneumonia. In 1980 I developed problems in the sinuses and polyps were removed in 1982. Infections then became commonplace requiring antibiotics at least 5/6 times a year. A sinus infection needed 3 courses of antibiotics to clear it, all the time my blood pressure was very high. Joints became swollen, every muscle ached, eyes were sore, throat was half closed and a rapid pulse controlled the least activity, needless to say I was totally exhausted the whole time.

I was placed on the list to see a consultant; at this time I spent most of the day watching TV (muscles were too painful to hold a book). It was then I saw the Spirovital machine demonstrated by a doctor on a morning TV programme. We purchased a Professional model and I began using it daily. Thank goodness I had it! It took 7 consultations and 14 months to get a diagnosis. The condition is extremely rare (1/100,000) and is a form of vasculitis (the blood vessels become inflamed and swollen) and is an autoimmune disease that can affect all of the main organs and the digestive system. It occurs in people with a history of sinus conditions and asthma.

Using the machine daily (twice most days) and drinking the water afterwards has definitely damped down the pain and taken the edge off the symptoms.

There is no cure for this condition and the medication includes cytotoxic drugs over a long period. With this I will definitely need to use my machine every day. The most dramatic change I noticed when using the machine, although very poorly I had only 1 sinus infection during the whole 14 months!

M. Austen (COPD Testimonial)

I am a retired male of 66 years nearly 67, I was diagnosed with COPD about four years ago, I was quite surprised about this as I have worked out doors all my working life and have always been quite fit.

I began to find that I was out of breath just doing minor tasks, i.e. climbing the stairs and just walking a few yards became major ordeals. Obviously I am being treated for my COPD and take my inhalers every day, and I go to see the nurse every six months for tests.

About this time last year I was browsing the internet to find any information I could about the disease, Dr Chris Steele was promoting this machine on a morning programme with Philip Schofield. I was very impressed with what was being said so I sent off to the company for the information pack and DVD, having read and watched all the information I decided to invest in one of the activated air machines.

This has got be one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life. I use the machine every morning for 30 minutes while reading the morning paper and I feel like a different person, I feel fitter and have more energy than I have had in a long time, so much so, I have just invested in a tread mill to get rid of the surplus weight I have put on because of my inactivity over the past few years. Anybody reading this testimonial that has COPD or various other problems, I recommend you read up on this machine, it’s great.

S. Clack (COPD Review)

I am a 79-year-old man with COPD which I have suffered with for the past 7 years.

Up until the beginning of this year, things were getting progressively worse notably in walking and climbing stairs but any exertion was leaving me out of breath and needing a reliever together with my two prescribed medicines.

I invested in a Spirovital Therapy machine last February and have since used it on a single daily basis varying between 30 and 45 minutes per session dependant on my available time for that day.

Since using the Machine, I have become very much more active both in walking and climbing stairs. The external staircase to our property comprised 16 steps of which, previous to the Machine, meant my having at least one stop and a reliever to reach the top. Even then I would fall into the hall and have to sit down for a while to recover my breath.

Now with using the Machine I can now climb without stopping, without reliever and without needing to sit and recover at the top.

My sleeping and general day to day chores are done without effort and I only use the reliever when I feel claustrophobic in enclosed spaces. This I am sure is a left-over reaction habit from the past.

I have just had my annual COPD check-up with the Surgery and I can now report that my lung capacity and strength has improved by 10% in each case since last years test. Not a bad result for ten months use of the Machine and a year older since the last test.

I can sum up by saying that I now breath normally and automatically again without having to think about breathing.

Furthermore, my wife, who suffers with severe pain from disintegrating spinal discs is really benefiting from using the machine as it seems to relax and settle her. There is a notable difference in her mood which in turn helps her with her pain.

All in all, this Machine is so much part of our daily life now and it seems to be noticed by other people who ask us what we are taking. Several have had short term boosts with the Machine and have said they have noticed a difference especially after suffering with colds.

Thank you.

R. Allen  (COPD Testimonial)

I am 81 years old; I suffer from C.O.P.D. and Emphysema which was diagnosed about 10 years ago.  I also have plural plague in both lungs.  I was exposed to asbestos as far back as to when I was an apprentice electrician in the Belfast shipyards. 

I have managed to lead a reasonably normal life with these conditions until about 2 years ago when the COPD became severe and affected my ability to lead a normal life. 

My son did some research into the Spirovital machine and purchased one for me two months ago.  I have been using the machine two times a day for 30 mins for two months.  From the first four days of use the difference to my feeling of well-being, breathing, stamina etc. has been greatly enhanced.  I am sleeping much better, and am now able to lead a normal daily life.  Thank you and all the people involved in the production of this machine.  It has transformed my life.  Instead of being depressed I now look forward to each day anew.

Dr. R. Simmons (retired NHS Doctor): aged 70, COPD

As a long term sufferer of COPD, and after a winter of several chest infections / bronchopneumonia, my wife was getting fed up with me using her asthma inhalers. Therefore I researched and discovered Spirovital Therapy. Within days of starting my breathing has improved enormously. Hills which I used to avoid when dog walking are now climbed, and the hill that I used to walk up on our cycle ride is not only pedalled, but I can unusually now beat my wife. For me this has been a life changing experience, and I look forward to seeing how I manage next winter.

You have my complete recommendation.

Harvey – COPD

About a year ago I was diagnosed with COPD by my doctor although I had the symptoms for some time before this. From being fairly active for an 82 year old, around the garden and house I was exhausted just going up the stairs. In September 2012 my son was doing some research into COPD on the internet and came across an advert for Spirovital from Airnergy. After viewing the tutorial we thought “Why not!” It seemed quite expensive but as all else had failed we took a chance. To say that the effects were miraculous would be an understatement. After a couple of days I had renewed energy and felt like my old self again. Got that sorted – now for the knees!! Thank You.

Mrs A. Cundrick – Asthma

Following our conversation this afternoon I am writing to say how much the Spirovital Therapy has improved my health. I have suffered from Asthma since early childhood and in the past have been in hospital many times and have often needed to take steroid medication. My asthma felt under control until the end of last year, when my peak flow was becoming quite low. After a visit to my GP I was offered yet more steroids and decided at that point that there must be another way. After quite a bit of research and reading the reviews, I decided to make the investment and purchased the Professional, and have not looked back!! My peak flow improved in the first week of use and is now the best it has been for a long time. I am sleeping better and have also noticed that I have not suffered with hay fever yet this year and can also tolerate my son’s cat which was unthinkable before!

All in all, I would not want to be without my machine now ~ what price do you put on your health and wellbeing?!?!

Balmforth, age 63: COPD

In September my doctor told me I had COPD having had a constant cough and bad chest infections for 3 or 4 months previous. My peak flow was down to 250 and I was getting out of breath just walking across a room. To find out more about my condition I checked the internet and found an advertisement containing a video with Dr C. Steele talking about Airnergy machines. I thought this sounds too good to be true – I must find out for myself. I bought an Professional Plus and I put it on 100% for 45 minutes. After a few days I noticed a huge difference, I could walk further without getting out of breath and my peak flow was now 350 thanks to the machine. I could only do 1 minute on my exercised bike, now I can do at least 10 mins. One month after buying my device I went into hospital for a full knee replacement – my surgeon could not believe I had COPD he said my oxygen level was 98%. I can only say this is down to Airnergy. The device is not a cure for COPD but it has certainly made a difference to me. I don’t cough as much and my chest infections are far less. Also my partner has sinusitis and allergies and has improved using Spirovital Therapy. Thank you for improving our lives.

Greta & Geoff

We have had our machine for 5 weeks, Geoff my husband daily had sneezing bouts, after using the machine it has disappeared, he also has osteoporosis and the pain he gets is not so painful. As for myself my breathing is much improved my energy levels are good, and the water which we drink at the end of the treatment taste like spring water, bringing back many childhood memories, we would certainly recommend this machine.

Mr M. Hickey: Psoriasis, Lung Emphysema

Along the rocky road of life I picked up a skin disease called Psoriasis and the life threatening Lung Emphysema.
For the psoriasis I used medicated creams that left my skin patchy. The doctor who diagnosed emphysema prescribed 16 hours a day oxygen inhalation from a concentrator plus medicated inhalers. This probably saved my life but as the disease progressed I became more disabled.

Spirovital Professional has given me new hope. I have used it for two (2) twenty minute sessions a day for the past month. After the first week I noticed my skin cleared without the aid of creams and all traces of psoriasis had gone from my hands, elbows and knees. By the second week I no longer had “exacerbation” whereby all breath seemed to leave me and I’d start smothering. This would occur occasionally and if I forgot and bent down to pick up something from the floor. This morning I picked up the milk from my front door step and put it in the bottom compartment of the fridge door, something I’ve been unable to do for more than six years.

All this in just over a month and on 50% intensity. I look forward to what I’ll be able to do when I upgrade to 100% intensity.

B. Waine (COPD Testimonial)

Three years have passed since I purchased my Spirovital machine and I now feel it is time to compliment your company on producing such a life enhancing system for those with COPD.

As a long time sufferer from emphysema I had an increasingly restricted lifestyle. Regular infections resulting in inflammation of the linings to my lungs were the norm, causing extreme shortness of breath. On these occasions it was an immense effort to walk from the dining room to the kitchen, let alone going upstairs. Walking along my local high street became an impossible task and these periods were becoming increasingly frequent. 

Out of pure desperation I decided to buy a Spirovital machine, although I was very sceptical about the science supporting the system and it’s ability to make a difference. For the first 2-3 months my doubts seemed to be confirmed. Using the machine for twenty minutes twice a day for about 2 months there was no noticeable difference in my condition. On the point of giving up in despair, I nevertheless decided to persevere for a little longer. I then became gradually aware that the infections were occurring less frequently and I was capable of more activity without becoming crippled with breathlessness. In time the infections became an increasingly rare experience and I am now delighted to report that I have been infection-free for well over two years.

It is difficult not to exaggerate the improvement to my lifestyle. My peak flow readings, although still not brilliant, have improved and my blood pressure has reduced to near normal levels. I am now capable of going for walks of approximately one mile on most days (albeit fairly slowly and with occasional stops for breath). I am able to enjoy a reasonably normal life of meeting friends for lunch and visits to the theatre and other places of interest, enjoyments previously denied to me because of my restrictive condition. 

Of course, I accept that COPD is a constantly deteriorating disease for which there is no cure but the key to living comfortably with it is the enhanced quality of life that my machine has given me.

Many thanks for a new lease of life.

H. Drewett – COPD

I am a retired 67 year old female, diagnosed with asthma many years ago – having deteriorated in the last 5/6 years, my steroid medication has increased considerably.  Feeling depressed and suffering side effects with seemingly no options left, I purchased the Spirovital Machine from Chris at the end of October.

With twice daily 20 minute sessions both my exercise capacity and lung function and now 1/2 the usual steroid dose, my condition has improved markedly!

No cold this winter (I’m usually in A&E!).  Sincere thanks.

A.Wiel – Lung Sarcoidosis

I can hardly find the words to describe everything that has happened to me. Do you remember my first appointment? I don’t know what impression I made on you, but I think I must have seemed very depressed, worn out, stressed and listless. That is exactly how things were for me – very bad. I had lost 10 kg. I was only managing to sleep for 2-3 hours a night.
One of the initial tests I underwent found a possible overactive thyroid, but there was no clear diagnosis so I first had to take 50 mg of the thyroid hormone Eferox. After 4 weeks I underwent further tests (still without Airnergy), but still no definite conclusion was reached. I was told that if my thyroid was overactive I should be prescribed a radioactive drug, but I did not want this. I was then told that I should take Eferox again for 8 weeks, but should increase the dosage to 100 mg. I was feeling really wretched and irritable and was continuing to lose weight. Then I told you about my lung sarcoidosis, which began 15 years ago. I found breathing more and more difficult; I could no longer climb the stairs, or run or dance. I underwent a bronchioscopy and was diagnosed with Morbus Boeck, which could only be brought under control with cortisone tablets and spray and singulair tablets. As this illness had not been diagnosed until very late on it was almost too late for me. This illness still continued to cause me problems. My blood oxygen levels were abysmal. At that time my lowest reading was 58, 70 would have been a good medium reading. Time after time x-rays revealed shadows and areas of thickening in both lungs. Lung function was never at its best. After the first period of cortisone treatment (2 years) my lung specialist said to me, I would not have thought that we could get you back to this stage. In other words, that I would to a certain extent be able to breathe again properly. But there was still no question of sport and the like. The years passed, some good, some bad. Then by chance I heard about Spirovital Therapy and this aroused my curiosity.
In any case, to cut a long story short, it’s fantastic. Since I have been using my device I no longer have an overactive thyroid and have been able to discontinue the medication immediately (why bother taking it?). And the most important thing of all, my lung is once again in top condition. X-rays no longer show any shadows, there is no evidence of pulmonary striae and my oxygen level, which was 63, taking as a starting point the last reading taken in November, is now 82 after 3 months of the therapy. That’s great isn’t it? Many thanks!!!!!! And then there are all the other positive side effects; for example, I can now sleep through the night again, brilliant!! And because I am going through the dreaded change I was always being dragged down into depressive phases, but now I no longer have any reason to be depressed. I am once again full of energy and somehow now have the feeling that I must turn my life inside out. Once again, very many thanks.
PS: This is no fairy story – it’s Spirovital.

Liza Funnell: Lung Disease

Liza was initially diagnosed with lung disease three years ago which was treated with high dosage prednisolone (cortisone). After coming off the cortisone a severe flareup of the lung disease occurred and after a blood test she was diagnosed with Polymyositis with lung involvement (a very rare disease no one seems to have heard of). The lung disease was diagnosed as organizing pneumonia. Polymyositis is an inflammation of all muscles. This caused Liza to experience weakness in her limbs, a loss of muscle tissue as well as breathlessness from the lung condition.

On being diagnosed, Liza was again put on 60mg of prednisolone to bring down the inflammation. The prognosis given by her Consultant was that roughly one in three people go into remission, one in three linger, i.e. get a little better and then worth again and one in three end up in a wheelchair. Her sense of wellbeing was severely compromised. She felt constantly ill, very depressed, had no energy and trouble breathing and walking. The cortisone caused her face to swell and made her feel unattractive and self-conscious.

Liza began using Spirovital Therapy at the beginning of December. She has been able to reduce her daily Cortisone medication from 60mg in September down to 7.5mg today, it being further reduced every 14 days by 2,5mg. She found the process of reducing the Cortisone much easier this time whilst using the Airnergy compared to the previous time 2 years’ ago. (Every reduction causes flare-ups, as the body’s own cortisone needs to make up the balance). Three months ago she would have found it difficult to walk and hold a conversation at the same time. Today, she is back at work at her Estate Agents’ Office. She can run up stairs again, walk for 4 miles at a time and feels more positive about her prospects of regaining full health with the use of Spirovital. Recent X-rays show an improvement in her lung condition; that is also confirmed by Liza not having to cough constantly and being able to breathe more easily. Liza has been improving her muscle condition by using Kieser Training but feels that Spirovital Therapy has also played a part in lessening the effects of the condition which has been classed as chronic.

Liza recognises that the improvements in her condition could have been solely due to the treatment with Prednisolone but she is convinced that Spirovital has done a lot to facilitate her improvements. This also became obvious during a recent, serious chest infection, when antibiotics became necessary. She felt that, without her three daily treatments, she would not have recovered as well or as quickly as she did, considering her underlying condition. She continues to use her device in her bid to regain full health but is delighted with the benefits she has gained so far.